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A new cultural venue combining modernity and tradition

In 2020, Domaine Mont d’Or became a partner of the Art Valais Wallis association to support artists, culture and the development of a local, sustainable heritage. Thanks to this collaboration, AVW is now able to offer artists from all over the world a unique place to live, create and exhibit their work.

Unique, multidisciplinary artistic residencies

AVW is developing an original residency program, based on short and long stays, for Swiss and international artists, graffiti artists, painters and photographers. These guests, chosen by a curatorial committee, stay at the Résidence while they create works to enrich the museum’s collection.

A resonance for the Valais and its capital

The Residence is the starting point for the open-air museum. It’s also a place for cultural interaction, with year-round exhibitions, discovery workshops and publications featuring guest artists. Convivial and modular, the Residence can offer programs for the general public, targeted events or VIP experiences.

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A place to meet and exchange ideas

Visitors to the Résidence will find an exceptional venue, including an exhibition area, creative workshops, an information center on the various routes and the museum store.

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