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Mode 2 – Abondance – limited edition

“Abondance” – Mode 2 (Berlin – DE)
Limited edition of 47
Prints on Arches BFK Rives white fine art paper
Production: PhotoRotation laboratory Geneva (Switzerland)
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Numbered and signed bottom right
Only available in the Art Valais store

format 70 x 90 cm
prints on fine art paper, Arches BFK Rives white
by the Photorotation laboratory in Geneva (Switzerland)

CHF 290.00

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"Abondance" - the art piece

"In a so-called primitive or pagan perspective, the earth is perceived as a symbol of fertility, fecundity and abundance; where man has learned to understand it, and to accept that he belongs to it, and not the other way around.
The feminine and maternal dimension in relation to the earth is sublimated, navigating with difficulty to celebrate a more natural beauty almost in the divine sense, while avoiding that vulgar objectification of the female body all too common today."

Mode 2

The original art piece was created as part of the Art Valais OPEN AIR MUSEUM as a giant ephemeral installation in the heart of the prestigious Domaine du Mont d'Or. It's part of the "Dans l'air du vent" series, in which the canopies take hold of the wind to make the works dance, proposing a harmony between urban art and nature (curated by Jasm One).

Mode 2 and Art Valais have decided to offer the public the chance to take ownership of a reproduction of this now defunct floating work, and make it last forever.

The artist

MODE 2 is a major post-New York graffiti artist who excels at depicting characters. He had a considerable influence on figuration in this art form. In 1985, he founded the TCA crew, and in 1987 was published on the cover of "Spraycan Art". He exhibited his work in galleries in 1995. The harmony that emerges from his compositions highlights the link between artistic disciplines, all of which come together in a culture that goes far beyond the name Hip Hop.